New Government Guidelines

Posted by Jane Walters

Good morning everybody,

How are we all doing ?

We are all really missing the children at nursery, it is all too quiet !!!

Hopefully it won’t be long before you will all be back and the nursery can get back to some form of normality.

I was reading this morning through the latest updates from and there was an interesting update about how to keep our children safe, both mentally and physically whilst this horrible situation is still around.


I have attached the link, here for those of you who would like to read it.

If we at Bright Stars can support you, or if you would like us to send you anything, if you are struggling finding things to do, then please just pick up the phone, or send me an email. I am in most days and would be happy to try and help you.

We are really loving the pictures you are all sending in via Parentzone, they are fab, keep them coming, they are keeping us going, knowing that all the children are safe at home. We would love to see pictures of your Rainbows on your windows if you have drawn one !!!

And to those parent’s who are key worker parents, we are having lots of fun at the moment, and the weather has been really kind to us.

So whilst we have been super quiet, we have made use of the spare time and are getting your nursery super squeaky clean for all the children to come back to. All toys have been washed and then wiped over with a Clinell antibacterial wipe. All dressing up clothes have been washed and dried, including all the soft toys. Once we get the go ahead to open again we will wash all the carpets again !!! At the moment, no adults, apart from staff are allowed into the building, thus trying to keep all those inside protected as far as we can.


Just a little picture, to remind you what we look like for those that may have forgotten.

Stay safe everyone. Stay at home.


Fleet Commander