Funded Places

The Early Years funding (EY funding) has been put in place to allow all 2, 3 and 4 year olds access to free Early Years Education. The Governement have introduced 15 hours of funding for all eligible working parents of 2 year olds from April 2024. From September 2024, eligible working parents of 9+ month children will be able to access 15 hours of funding. Finally, in September 2025, all eligible working parents will be able to access 30 hours free childcare, from 9+ Months.

We also provide our own financial support for
parents who qualify for help.

Who’s eligible

For eligibility please go to All eligible working parents of 2, 3 and 4 year olds can apply here

What it covers

The funding is paid to cover sessions over a total of 38 weeks during term time only. It is taken in three terms, starting in September for the Autumn Term, January for the Spring Term and April for the Summer Term.
Here at Bright Stars we offer the option to stretch the funding over the full 51 weeks that we are open.

What about other times?

Children can of course be registered to attend at other times, however, our normal fees will apply.

Get in touch to request more information about funding
options from us and applying for government support.