Spring Competitions – March 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

Spring Competitions!

As Spring has sprung and Easter approaches, we have decided to have not one, but two(!), friendly competitions across the nursery:


Easter door decorating competition:

The children (and staff) have been working hard all week on their decorations in preparation for the friendly nursery-wide competition.

The voting opens next week so if you wouldn’t mind spending a few minutes at collection looking at the doors with your children (don’t forget Little Stars all the way down the bottom!) and picking your favourite one.

You can then write the name of the room with your favourite door on a slip of paper, and you (or your child) can put it in the box available in the reception area (on the low table in front of the sofas).

Sunflower growing competition:

Each room (as well as the office) have been given a sunflower seedling.

Over the next few months, each room (with the children’s help) will be trying to grow the tallest sunflower!