COVID-19 – Update 19032020 13:26

Posted by Jane Walters

Dear Parents and Carers,
To follow up on our previous communication to you all this morning we would like to clarify that Key Workers is a broad description for anyone involved in keeping the country running. We have had a number of parents query what a Key Worker is.
While we are waiting for guidance, we believe from what has been said, that the rule of thumb is if you go to work in a uniform then most likely you are considered key. This includes people working in delivery companies, supermarkets as well as front line staff such as Police, Hosptial and Fire services.
Therefore if you have any doubt please just let us know and we can let you know later today or tomorrow if your child can still attend next week.
Also if you know of friends and neighbours who are struggling for childcare, who are also considered key workers, please put them in touch with us today.
We would like to remind you that children remain at the least risk from the virus and the measures to close schools is designed to minimise further on social gatherings.
We thank you for your continued support and will continue to update you all on developments here as we have them.
Many thanks,
Lianne, Elaine, Jane and Alison