Fun and games here at Bright Stars WB 27.04.2020

Posted by Jane Walters


So here we have a selection of some exciting things that we got up to over the week. The weather was not that kind to us, so we took advantage of not many children here and had some indoor physical fun and games.







Carefully does it. Making cakes for mummy and daddy

Um, these look yum

Carefully does it. Those look lovely.

Social distancing !!! It is important, but such a shame.

Might need a tiny bit more in there.

As you can see we had lots of fun making cornflake and rice krispy cakes on Monday 27th April 2020.

Chilling in the sun – Monday 27th April 2020

Parking the car 27th April 2020

Making music 27th April 2020

Fishing game as it has gone cold outside 27th April 2020

Rice fun whilst is rains outside 29th April 2020

Rice fun 29th April 2020

Building a tower in the rice 29th April 2020

Quick play outside in between rain showers 29th April 2020

Train play, wow that is a cool track 29th April 2020

I am sitting in here, it has just started to rain 29th April 2020 Beep beep


I am staying in here too, this is fun 29th April 2020


Exploring the doggie indoors, whilst it pours with rain outside 30th April 2020

Indoor physical activity whilst it rains outside – 30th April 2020

Exploring the soft play – 30th April 2020

Through the tunnel of stars 30th April 2020

Soft play obstacle fun – 30th April 2020

More indoor fun. Guess why !!!! yep it’s raining again 1st May 2020

I am in the princess castle !! 1st May 2020


So as you can see we have had another busy week. The weather hasn’t been that kind, but that doesn’t stop the little cosmonauts from having fun

Wonder what next week will bring.

Stay safe everybody

Jane – Fleet Commander