More cosmonauts back – and staff – welcome back to you all WB 8th June 2020

Posted by Jane Walters

So we are all super excited to welcome back some more of our cosmonauts back.


We have had a lovely week as you will see from the photo’s, we are all settling in nicely to our new ‘norm’ here

at Bright Stars

Because we all eat within our friendship group, this has allowed the space in our dining/sports hall to be used

for sports and soft play. The little cosmonauts are really enjoying having some quality time running around indoors. They still have lots of time outside in all weathers.


Crown making, lots of concentration needed

More crown making

Crown and a wand to go with it

Some puzzle fun with our friendship goup

Sharing resources in toddlers friendship group

Super Stars have done some sticking and glueing

The farm set has come to toddlers today, for their activity

Looking at all the clouds quickly moving along. Will it rain ????

Those strawberries look mighty tempting


9th June 2020

Happyland comes to toddlers, and the fun fair

Lots of bouncy fun


Story time in Little Twinkles


10th June 2020

Dinosaur play in toddlers

Steady as you go, well done

Good balancing

11th June 2020



All hard at work making snakes today

My snake !! with a cheesy smile as well.

Carefully colouring my snake

Wow, look at my snake

Look at my fab snake

Toddler sticking and glueing time


Its strawberry picking time

Looking for strawberries

Mr Steve made a new planter as we have lots of vegetable plants to plant. Um not sure we can grow the children that way !!!

Fun on the slide


As you can see we have had lots of fun and games and lots of strawberry picking as well.

Good job cosmonauts.

See you next week, for more fun and games


Jane – Fleet commander