Summer Holidays – 2020

Posted by Jane Walters

Good afternoon,


So now the holidays have gone and the children have returned to school, I wanted to pop some photo’s on to show everyone what a fab time we have all had.


The weather was really kind to us, and we all managed to have some quality time outside.


Holiday club in full swing. A quick game of table top football

And now a quick game of pool, careful does it.

Making slime. How nice

Oh no, might have to leave you there

Toddlers make a super cool wall to walk on

Making sensory play dough with our Star Captain. um smells lovely

Cup cake making with Tracey our Cosmic Galley Creator

Negotiations – toddler style

Painting fun, might need a while to dry

I found you. Boo !!!

Babies with small parts play

Experiencing gloop for the first time !!!! not sure !!

In for a few minutes play as it is soooo warm outside



As you can see it has been a really busy summer. All ready to start Autumn term now.


Tune into for more fun soon



Fleet Commander