Week beginning 29th January 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Little Twinkles


This month in Little Twinkles we have welcomed some new friends! We have done lots of group activities to help the new children settle and start to bond with the other children, developing their social skills. We have been learning about the New Year, helping the children understand new changes. We have also given the room a little makeover, introducing new spaces and  new environments to the room to help us and the new children get used to the change and new experiences. We have had Naomi from ‘Keep to the Beat’ doing music sessions which the children really enjoy; this helps them develop their confidence and communication and language skills. We have been exploring the garden to experience the winter season, exploring the changes to the environment around them, such as the trees and grass etc., helping to develop our sense of recognition. We have been busy doing artwork to display on the art wall in the corridor and to display around the room. This has developed our hand eye coordination and our creativity skills.