Week beginning 01st August 2022

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Little Stars Update…

In Little Stars the children have been enjoying water play with letters and coloured balls to help encourage number and letter recognition, as well as enjoying the outside ball pit, and Peppa pig and her family to encourage sharing and turn taking.

They have been practicing their mark making skills with felt tip pens and rainbow wax crayons which helps to encourage colour recognition and hand-eye coordination.

We have been discovering the different types of animals and what noises they make; we did this by using the wooden animal figures and the animal puzzles (which also helps develop problem solving skills). The children have also been solving the sound puzzles to help them understand the different noises of the instruments and animals.

We have enjoyed lots of stories and singing songs to help expand our vocabulary.

We have also practised making bubbles to develop our fine motor skills and learning how to blow them, stacking the boats, learning the different colours and counting.