Week beginning 04th July 2022

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Little Clusters Update…

This week in Little Clusters we have been making jelly fish out of paper plates; we threaded our own tentacles onto the jelly fish using string, then we decorated the jelly fish with different coloured fabric. We used neon pink, green and yellow!

We made some fish to go with our theme of the month which is Oceans, where we did some free gluing and sticking to make super colourful fish. We enjoyed talking about the different colours that we were sticking onto the fish. We also decorated some beautiful mermaids by putting some glitter on them to make them sparkly.

We have enjoyed spending lots of time in the garden where we have had our stepping stones out to develop our balancing skills. We have also had our musical instruments outside; We have enjoyed playing on the guitars, drums and with the bells, making lots of music in the garden and listened to different stories!