Week beginning 10th April 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

Little Twinkles Update


This month in Little Twinkles we have been very busy celebrating festivals such as Easter, St Patrick’s Day, and raising awareness for Comic Relief.

We have been on Easter egg hunts in the shredded paper, as well as using our fine motor skills and coordination to rescue the eggs from the egg boxes. We also put lots of effort into our arts and crafts to decorate our door for Easter.

For Comic relief, we explored all things red; different textures and sensory resources such as tissue paper, red rice, and balls.

On St Patrick’s Day we had an Irish disco with lots of dancing and disco lights!

As we have now entered spring, we have been enjoying some spring activities such as scooping with soil and large rocks, and exploring spring tuff trays with flash cards, feathers, artificial grass etc. We welcomed a new member to Little Twinkles, Summer the Sunflower! She was growing really well and then unfortunately due to the colder weather, has not made it (we will be restarting the Sunflower competition in a month when, hopefully, the weather is a little bit warmer).

We are looking forward to using our garden more with better weather hopefully on the way!