Week beginning 11th March 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Little Stars


This month in Little Stars we have been enjoying engaging in some playdough fun! This helps all the children develop their fine motor skills by creating different shapes, rolling the rolling pins, and cutting it. Continuing with developing our fine motor skills the children have enjoyed sticking and gluing to make collages, painting with the cars, finding the balls in the shredded paper, and enjoying free painting. The children have also enjoyed getting very muddy! They enjoyed digging in the massive tyre which is full of mud, we also scooped and poured the mud too. This month we have also loved practising our gross motor skills in the garden; climbing through the tunnel, balancing on the soft play, riding the cars, climbing on the wooden bridge, and walking across the obstacle course. We have also been celebrating lots of festivities, we stuck tissue paper on hearts, we made shamrocks for St Patrick’s day, red noses for red nose day, and used the paint dabbers to paint different characters from books. Our focus of this month was ‘respecting differences’ we have a family tree in our room which the children have really enjoyed engaging with, pointing  and showing their friends their families.