Week beginning 11th May 2020

Posted by Jane Walters

So we have had another fantastic week.

The weather has been really kind.

The children have enjoyed most days outside

They are all getting on really well, lots of chasing games, keeping energetic.


So as you will see, we have had another really busy week.


Tune in next week for more exciting photos


Jane – Fleet Commander


Scooter fun in the sun

One two three ………

Lets try and bury the ball

Careful does it

Over this way. We help our friends to find the way

Lots of space monkeys on the bridge

I can not find the others !!! Where are they ??


A quick game of Dominoes before we go home


Look at this. What is it ??

It’s a bit nippy but we are still having fun in the sand

We are on the top of the hill

Look at me !!

We are going to have a go


Using braille letter blocks to work the alphabet

Using pattern sheets

Rainbow colouring

All girls together

Hill rolling fun

Bouncing fun

Girls racing time

Look I am riding the tiger

Stilt walking with my friends

Stilt walking as well

Share please


Colouring time

Feeding robot mike

Early years computer play

Stencil colouring


Having a dollies tea party