Week beginning 12th June 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

Over the past few weeks, Super Stars have been learning all about the different types of weather for our theme of the month. The children have loved getting involved and doing group activities where they need to work as team to complete a piece of art or take turns during a game. This has allowed the children to sit and socialise with different children and work on their fine motor skills, such as their pen and scissor control, as well as developing confidence with sticking and gluing. Super Stars have also been getting into the summer spirit and have loved turning our jungle role play into a beach and ice cream parlour where they have painted the sea and sand and decorated their own sandcastles and ice creams. Super Stars have been working really hard recently and have all been practicing writing their names, carrying their lunch trays, and have been becoming more independent with everyday tasks, preparing for when they start big school. We have also recently introduced a new water and messy play area in the room where the children have been exploring different textures and searching for numbers, bugs, and fish.