Week Beginning 13th February 2023

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Little Clusters Update…


We have been very busy in Little Clusters!

We have had lots of children move up from Little Stars who have settled well, and we have said goodbye to several children who have moved into Shining Stars; they are very proud to have moved into ‘pre-school’ and like to tell us how big they all are now!

We have been really enjoying circle time, especially when Kieran plays the guitar for us, we love joining in with our own instruments, exploring how they make sound, whether we need to tap, shake, or bang to produce noise. We were very good at sharing the instruments too!

We also used dinosaurs to make footprints in the paint, talking about which dinosaur had the biggest or smallest feet.

We explored red playdough for Valentine’s Day; squashing, squeezing, and rolling the dough to help us strengthen our fingers.

We have been practising putting on our own shoes and coats to promote independence, develop cognitive skills, as well as fine and gross motor skills.

We also bathed the dolls and enjoyed putting on our own role play outfits.