Week beginning 16th January 2023

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Shining Stars Update…


This month in Shining Stars all the children have settled back in nicely after their Christmas break, and have welcomed some new friends. We spent lots of time talking about what we did and getting to know each other.

We have been focusing on letter recognition, and the children are getting very confident at identifying their names at morning registration. Some of them can even identify their friend’s names!

We have also provided lots of opportunities for the children to have a go at writing their names.

We enjoyed a lovely muddy forest school session last week where we got to read the story of the 3 little pigs; The children had a go at building houses out of grass, straw, and sticks. They then took it in turns to play the wolf, pretending to blow the houses down. We then finished off with a game of ‘1,2,3 where are you?’.

Lots of fun has been had by Shining Stars!