Week beginning 17th April 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

Little Stars Update


Over the last month in Little Stars, we have been getting very creative celebrating spring and Easter. We have made chicks, sheep, eggs, bunnies, as well as lots of Easter messy play too. All these activities help towards our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination which helps our self-feeding and language skills.

As the warmer weather has been arriving, we have really been making the most of our time outside! Being outside encourages and provides opportunities to explore, discover, and be active, as well as strengthen our fine and gross motor skills. It also helps us with understanding the world; we hear and see lots of planes go passed which we have really taken an interest in as well as cars, birds, and lorries too!

We are also getting good at learning about the different weather (eg. ‘rain’ ‘sun’ ‘wind’ etc.) and this is something we have found a real interest in.

Before our meal times we have also been enjoying circle time! This is where we sing songs, read stories, do some dancing, and welcome everyone in. This develops and helps us learn about our ourselves and others, as well as practise our balance, flexibility, strength and agility, and even our communication and language skills.