Week beginning 17th July 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

Over the past few weeks, Super Stars have been getting creative and all prepped for graduation! We have been doing lots of activities, decorating birthday cakes where we have been sticking and gluing, cutting out our decorations, and making our cakes look very delicious; this focused on our gross motor skills and creativity. We have also been practicing writing our own names, and trying to find the letters that make our names to support our literacy skills and recognition. We have been decorating our graduation bags which we all enjoyed colouring and sticking different coloured gems, paint dabbing with different colours, and making them look beautiful for the big day! We have been talking lots about our school transition and what happens next. The children have been reading lots and listening to stories during circle time which helped with their language and communication and listening skills. It has been a pleasure to have witnessed some of our pre-schoolers graduate and say our last goodbyes to the ones who are leaving us so soon! We will miss all of you so much! A big thank you to all of you for being such amazing and wild individuals. It has been a great pleasure to watch you grow into independent young children and we wish you the best on your next adventure at school!