Week beginning 19th February 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Shining Stars


This month in Shining Stars we celebrated pancake day! The children loved spending the day decorating their own pancakes with different toppings of their choice. All the children also got stuck into a pancake race in the garden! They loved going through and around the obstacles making sure they didn’t drop their pancakes; this helped develop their gross motor skills. On Valentine’s day we got stuck into some Valentine’s day crafts, the children decorated hearts with mixed medias such as tissue paper, crayons, and paint dabbers. We also had fun making different chocolates with chocolate scented playdough which the children loved getting creative with. We had fun celebrating Chinese New Year, where the children decorated their own dragons as we discussed the ‘Year of the Dragon’ and made their own lanterns to hang up. Our home corner was set up as a Chinese food shop; the children loved learning about and ‘making’ different foods from the Chinese culture. We have also had fun with our new theme of the week which has been vets and animals. The children have enjoyed looking after the animals and making them better, doing animal art work, and our curiosity box is a zoo!