Week beginning 1st April 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Super Stars


This month in Super Stars, we have been getting creative preparing for Spring! We have decorated some blossom trees using tissue paper, dot to dot on our own chicks, and using shredded paper we decorated our own lambs for our Spring board. We have been talking lots about Spring and what it consists of, which has supported the children’s familiarisation and understanding.

For Easter, we decorated our own Easter eggs using different coloured paint, colouring in lots of Easter pictures – the children were so excited for Easter to come as they talked about the Easter bunny leaving eggs for them! We have been getting very competitive as the children enjoyed their own Easter egg hunt! We hid 20 eggs around the big garden for the children to find, each of the eggs scored a point and the golden eggs equalled 3 points! The children really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt and were so good at helping one another find an egg. The children also practiced their fine motor skills when making their Easter cards, wrapping wool around their chicks.

We have been talking about different cultures and traditions with the children to help with their understanding of the world and implementing diversity! As the month of Ramadan has come, we have been learning about the different culture and we have also done some activities which supported their recognition. We have decorated the symbol of the crescent moon and used different coloured tissue paper to stick them down onto the moon!

Over the month, the children have also practiced their hand writing and have been really good at recognising the different letters with lots of practice! This focused on their literacy skills and supported their letter recognition.