Week beginning – 10th June 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Shining Stars


This month in Super Stars we have been very busy with art activities! We have completed the summer display board, for which the children have been sticking, glueing, and painting using all different colours, developing their fine motor skills and creativity. We have also made our role play area into an ice cream parlour! The children have been working cooperatively, taking turns and sharing using the different ice cream items, as well as talking about our favourite ice cream flavours and toppings, focusing on our communication and language skills.

Furthermore, we have been working on our literacy skills and tracing the letters of the alphabet, trying to write the letters on our own to support our mark making and recognition.

We really enjoyed the International Play Day – a technology-free day where the focus was on play all day allowing us to use our imagination with the children. This worked so well as we were able to see how the children play together and use their imagination in creating different scenarios, as well as talk about what they are playing with. For example, in the construction area some of the children have been using the different tools and talking about what they are fixing, how we use the tool, and what they are going to fix next, helping one another and communicating on the toy phones!