Week beginning 20th February 2023

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Shining Stars Update…


This week in Shining Stars we have been looking at different emotions and feelings. The children have been reading the colour monster book and matching the colour monster teddies to the different emotions. They have also been using the colour monster emotion board to identify how they are feeling each day.

To work on their fine motor skills, the children have coloured in pictures of feelings and painted their own colour monsters.

We also set up a shop role play activity in the role play area for the children to use. They were taking it in turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer, helping each other to find different items and then count the items up before they ‘paid’ for them.

Last week the children explored ‘Valentine’s Day’. They made Valentine’s cards, using paint dabbers to decorate a large heart in the middle and thein gluing heart shapes on the outside. They also had their hands painted to print on a large heart to go on display. As a group, we discussed what we love and how we show our love.