Week beginning 20th May 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Little Stars


Over the last month in Little Stars we have been very busy! The children have really enjoyed spending some more time in the lovely sunshine, during our time outside we followed the children’s interests and have had lots of water play, including balls, sea creatures, boats and buckets! We did get very wet but we had the best time. We have also been spending lots more time down in the big garden, the children love spending time down there and engaging in play with the older children. Whilst we are in the big garden we enjoy climbing on the bridge, crawling through the long tunnel, playing in the house and most of all playing running games around the track! This month we also had a hungry caterpillar week; we spoke about healthy eating, practised feeding the caterpillar, got creative and made lots of different foods and we also played in a hungry caterpillar tuff tray! The children always enjoy getting very messy and creative, so to follow on from this we have enjoyed a large painting activity where all our friends could join in, made a large earth with our hands for earth day, and also made some colourful flowers. This helps the children develop their colour recognition, fine motor skills, and their pincer grip. As always the children in Little Stars have also been loving our ‘Keep to the Beat’ music sessions, we all engage so well during the whole music session, this helps us to learn personal and social development, our imagination, as well as our rhythm.