Week beginning 21st February 2022

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Shining Stars Update

This week in Shining Stars we have been discovering how things grow!

We had lots of discussions at circle time about flowers and how they grow, we also talked about what other things we grow in the ground. The children offered up lots of suggestions including potatoes and carrots. We used real soil in our tuff tray and a range of props such as flowerpots, spades, and watering cans for the children to play with. The children built giant sunflowers using the Duplo bricks by ordering the numbers up to ten!

We read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and threaded our own very own beanstalks, which is great for our fine motor skills.

We had sensory play and got very messy building our own beanstalks and castles in the clouds. It was good to explore the different textures and use lots of describing words.

We even did some cloud gazing outside to see what we could see using our imagination, we didn’t see any giants or castles, but the children saw lots of sheep!