Week Beginning 22nd January 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Super Stars


This month in Super Stars, we have welcomed some of our friends from Shining Stars who have moved up and settled in so well! The children have enjoyed a range of different activities, from making shapes with the playdough which supports their fine motor skills, to working on some numeracy and literacy workbooks consisting of ‘The hungry caterpillar’, ‘Spaceships’, and ‘The tiger who came to tea.’ The children have really enjoyed working on their literacy skills as they have been learning to write their own names, some without support! To explore the weather, we filled the tuff tray with water to freeze overnight with dinosaurs stuck in the ice. The next day, we put our gross motor skills to use and used tools such as hammers to break the ice in our tuff tray – this focused on our hand-eye coordination and understanding of cause and effect. Every week, we have ‘Show and Tell’ on a Wednesday where the children bring in something exciting from home to talk about. This has really helped develop their confidence and supported their communication and language development. We have also been listening to music and using lots of different musical instruments, exploring different sounds and taking it in turns – this supported their creativity skills. The children have enjoyed some new toys in Super Stars, using their imagination to make coffee using our new ‘coffee machine’, using the new mixer in the role play area, as well as the cleaning kit and new baby bottles for our babies and dolls! All of these new toys have supported their imagination.