Week Beginning 23rd January 2023

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Super Stars Update…

This month in Super Stars we have all been working very hard at our pen control and fine motor skills when writing our own names and colouring fine details on pictures.

Our theme of the month is ‘patterns’, so we have been practising our shape and colour recognition along with colouring and creating our own patterns for display.

Super Stars have also been learning a lot about the colour monster and the importance of recognising feelings and how to express them. With this we have done a variety of colour monster activities, exploring different ways we can show feelings with confidence as well as talking about them.

Outside in the garden we have been learning new ways to keep warm and fit. The children especially enjoyed having a running race round the track, practising their balance on the wobbly seats. We have also really loved getting stuck into forest school, building dens, and have helped develop our gross motor skills by doing gymnastics with Super Star Sports.

Well done Super Stars!