Week Beginning 23rd October 2023

Posted by Jane Walters




Recently in Shining Stars we have been focusing on celebrating Halloween! The children have been working hard making their spiders to hang on our Halloween door. They worked on their fine motor skills by threading the wool around the outside and threading the pipe cleaners to look like legs. They then chose googly eyes and stuck them on with glue. In our tuff tray, the children were using tweezers to rescue the spiders out from under the web.

In our role play area, we have set up an aquarium and the children enjoyed going on a trip to the aquarium together. We got on the bus and then queued to get our tickets and pay for them. We then walked around talking about what sea creatures we could see. To expand on this we have used different media, materials and tools to decorate sea creatures. To encourage discussion, we spoke about what the sea creatures were, where we find them, and what they look like.

Our theme for this month is ‘animals’. We have been talking about different animals, where they live and what they look like. We have made lions – we painted them yellow and stuck wool around the edge for the mane. We also made tigers – we painted them orange and stuck black stripes on them. We also looked at different farm animals and decorated a pig template using tissue paper and a sheep template using cotton wool. We also spoke as a group about our pets.

The children have been enjoying their Forest School sessions. Chris has been taking things very slow with the children to allow them time to be as independent as possible and understand all the instructions. The children have been having a go at putting their own puddle suit and wellies on, including doing their zips! The children are getting to know all the rules and showing they can follow them. Their favourite part is getting muddy in the mud pit and looking for bugs!