Week beginning 24th June 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Little Stars


This month in Little Stars we have been spending lots of time outside in the garden with our friends, doing lots of water play with the coloured balls, playing on the seesaw, and going down the slide. This helps us develop our pouring and scooping skills as well as our colour recognition. We have also been developing our gross motor and balancing skills by climbing up and down the bridge, as well as going up the stairs to the slide, playing on the bikes, exploring the soft play, and crawling through the caterpillar. As well as this we have been having lots of fun going into the big garden and playing with our friends from Pre-School! We have also done some painting of summer drinks to get in the summer spirit whilst developing our fine motor skills. We have had lots of fun playing with the tyres, sitting in them and rolling them up and down the garden. As well as this we have been developing our social and sharing skills by having the building blocks out, making towers with each other and seeing how high they can go!