Week beginning 24th October 2022

Posted by Sharon Matthews

Shining Stars Update…


In Shining Stars we have been exploring Autumn themed activities. We filled our tuff tray with fallen autumn-coloured leaves and pinecones for the children to explore. We had lots of discussions about Autumn and how the leaves fall and change colour.

We have also completed lots of Halloween activities. We had a spider’s web on the tuff tray where the children used tweezers to grab spiders and other Halloween characters. We then introduced ‘cobweb’ where the children had to figure out how to untangle – This worked on the children’s fine motor skills, as well as problem solving and hand eye coordination.

The children also enjoyed doing various Halloween themed arts and crafts to decorate our front door!

We have also been exploring rhythm and music using musical instruments and our hands to clap along to the music, copying the rhythm and exploring the different sounds we make.