Week beginning 26th February 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Super Stars


This month in Super Stars, we have been developing our pen control by practicing writing our names, as well as numbers. We have been doing lots of different activities to work on this, implementing some tracing and representing our own letters, which has supported our literacy skills. The children have also been developing their gross motor skills with climbing, balancing, and going on bikes in the big garden, using our great balancing skills on the walking bridge, and helping one another in our outside activities. Throughout the week, we have been making up our own stories and doing group activities to develop confidence, the children have been taking it in turns and creating their own stories one by one, using their imagination skills to make up a storyline! This week we have been learning about different farm animals as this is our theme of the month – we created a farm with the children on the tuff tray – this supported their recognition and familiarisation with the animals. We have also turned our role play into a farm shop, which the children enjoyed playing in! They have been giving out food to the adults and writing their own shopping list for their friends! We also decorated our own pancakes on Pancake day! Colouring, cutting out our own toppings, and sticking and gluing them onto our pancakes, which focused on our fine motor skills. We even had a pancake race around the track in the big garden! The children were very careful in walking around the obstacle course and did really well in the race.