Week beginning 26th June 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

This month in Little Stars we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine by doing lots of activities outside. One of the many activities that we have been enjoying outside is water play, we have been using different objects based on our interests (like ball pit balls, boats, and animals) to encourage our imaginative play. These group activities also help with our turn taking and social skills. As well as this, we have been exploring different types of mark making, from water painting on the fences to chalking, which is one of our favourite things to do. Being outside develops our understanding of the world and our gross motor skills due to being very active when in the garden. It also allows us to go on fun adventures, looking for different types of bugs, birds, and leaves. Recently we have experienced a few changes around the room, which we have all dealt with amazingly! We have moved the room around for a refresh as well as to add some more resources in the room, once this is all finished, we will add a photo to the newsletter to see. This has kept us very busy as we have been exploring all the new areas and displays in the room as well as making our own artwork to decorate the room with. This has included painting, sticking, and colouring which have all helped with both our fine motor skills and colour recognition. We have also recently welcomed a lot of new friends that have settled in well, creating lots of bonds with both staff and peers and adjusting well to the new routine!