Week beginning 27th March 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

Shining Stars update


Recently in Shining Stars we have been looking at the change in season, from Winter to Spring.

We have been having group discussions about what we can expect from the weather during Spring and what months are in Spring.

Our topic for the first week of Spring was farm animals. During this week, the children learnt about all different farm animals, the names of the baby farm animals and the Makaton signs.

This week we have moved onto Easter activities. So far, the children have done lots of work on their fine motor skills whilst creating their Easter artwork. For our Easter door, the children used their cutting skills to cut paper and glue on to different coloured eggs. We have also created wreath pictures using paint dabbers to add colour and developing our colour recognition. We have also started talking about why we celebrate Easter.

This week in Forest school, the children enjoyed their first campfire! Our forest school leader Chris went through a safety talk, during which the children did good listening. Chris then showed us how to build the campfire with kindling, cotton wool, and firelighter, she then used sparks to light the fire. The children then took it in turns to cook a piece of banana on a stick, after which they counted to 20 and were able to take the banana off the stick and eat it! The children enjoyed the campfire so much that they recreated it by making pretend fires using sticks and pretending to cook food on it.