Week beginning 29th April 2024

Posted by Jane Walters

Shining Stars


This month in Shining Stars we have been enjoying the better weather, spending lots of time outside playing with frisbees, using the bikes and cars, and enjoying Forest School! We have been busy with arts and crafts activities, painting rainbows to develop our colour recognition, we made pirate ships (as this is a current interest amongst the children) and we made dragons for St George’s Day. We also made the planet Earth on paper plates to celebrate Earth day. We have been talking about our emotions to support us in understanding how we feel and how to express it. We have done this through reading ‘The colour monster’ and discussing the colours we associate with our emotions. We have practiced our fine motor skills and concentration with the threading, and we enjoyed drawing around stencils. This week we have started a new theme for May, ‘under the sea’. We visited the aquarium in the role play area, explored a sea tuff tray with mini sea creatures, books about the sea and shells. We have loved doing water play with the sea animals too!