Week Beginning 2nd October 2023

Posted by Jane Walters




This month in Little Twinkles we have welcomed some new friends who have started settling in, and are becoming more familiar with the routine. Over the month, we have enjoyed learning about Autumn, exploring using our senses. We have been feeling pinecones, crinkly Autumn leaves, and different creepy crawlies such as bugs, spiders, frogs, snakes, centipedes etc. We have been getting creative, using our hands to mark make with different coloured paint, to help with colour recognition. On the tuff tray we enjoyed building towers, and with adult support, counted blocks. This activity also helps with hand eye coordination and control to stack the blocks together. Little Twinkles are really enjoying the book corner where they enjoy looking at pictures in books, or having adult led story time. This helps with their communication and language skills as adults read books and sing songs together, with actions. We have enjoyed exploring outside and as the weather changes we have started to wear our puddle suits to keep us warm and dry.