Week beginning 4th September 2023

Posted by Jane Walters





Over the last couple of months we have been very busy in Little Stars! We welcomed back Katherine from her travels, she was very happy to see all the children and they welcomed her back with open arms! We have been enjoying the sunny weather which started with a lovely trip to the big garden where we explored the big tunnel, climbed over the bridge, engaged in imaginative play in the wooden house, and practised our gross motor skills running around the track. To continue with the summer fun we enjoyed lots of time in our own garden, we splashed in the water with cups and boats, and practised really good filling and emptying skills. The children also engaged in lots of sensory play with the sand and sea creatures, we hid them in the sand and used our problem solving skills and very good listening ears to find them all! The children in Little Stars have enjoyed making lots of creative artwork, we have used the sponges to make starfish and fruits for our summer displays, we used the paint dabbers to paint the first letter of our names which helped us learn to recognise our name. Over the last month we have focused on making lots of music, we made lots of loud noises using large drums, the guitars and the piano! Recently some of our friends have moved up to Little Clusters so we have been having lots of birthday parties for them too!