Week beginning 5th June 2023

Posted by Jane Walters

In the last month in Shining Stars, we have been learning about different fruits and vegetables, such as where they grow, the different colours they are, and how to cook them. In the role play area, the children pretended to be farmers and made a market selling fruit and vegetables, bakery food, fish, and meat. They practiced using mathematical language whilst working the cash register and weighing the different food. The children also expanded their vocabulary, learning lots of new words and working on their imagination and communication with their peers. On the creative table the children scrunched and stuck different coloured tissue paper and used the dabbing paint to make pictures of different fruits and vegetables for our display. In the garden, the children developed their gross motor skills to drive and manoeuvre the scooters, cars, and balance bikes. We have been enjoying the lovely weather and have also had lots of picnics in the big garden!