Weekley update email 25th March 2020

Posted by Jane Walters

Hi all, 


In case you haven’t got the latest email, with the weekly updates, please find below :-


We wanted to write to each and everyone of you, and keep you updated in what we find are very unprecedented times.

Here at Bright Stars we are doing everything we can to support the valuable and over stretched key workers in our local vicinity. The children we have, have been enjoying some amazing weather outside, although all seems very quiet and strange. As always if someone you know is struggling for childcare, and is considered a keyworker, please do ask them to get in touch.


We have had a few people that have queried whether invoices will be raised the next month on 1st April 2020, or not. I would just like to reassure those that are not using the nursery now, as they do not fit into the key worker category, will not be receiving invoices. Those that are still using the services, then invoicing will be as normal.


As soon as the restrictions are lifted Bright Stars will resume business as usual. We also want to let you know we are busy planning for what the business will offer as restrictions are lifted when the virus is under control. We plan to offer a wide range of activities and clubs for all children up to 12 years old through to the end of summer as many of you plan to go back to work and schools remain closed. We will release details in due course but obviously the ability to run these will be in line with government advice.


Also, for those of you that are eligible for the 2, 3 and 4-year funding, we will need to have the forms signed and in so that the funding is in place for when you return back. We will write to you all soon and send a copy of your forms, with a small instruction with what to do (nothing to complex don’t worry).


Please don’t forget that if you would like to share some fun photos of what you have been up to whilst away from the nursery, then you can upload them through Parentzone, we would really love to see them. We plan on running a number of activities for you to do at home, and with your permission would like to occasionally interact with you and your children over video to increase social interaction for your children but also those still at nursery.


As always, we want to thank all the parents that have sent personal wishes to ourselves, we are deeply touched, and appreciate all the kind words.


Keep looking at Facebook and the website for updates.


See you all very soon.


Jane, Elaine and Lianne





Bidford Bright Stars Entrance